Kari Lange

Vice-Principal/K-2nd Grade Teacher


Bible Verse : Psalm 51:10, Philippians 4:13
Color: Red, Teal
Sports Team: Broncos
Flower: Peony, Succulents
Fruit/Veggie: Berries, Salads
Scent: Citrus, Fall
Candy/Gum: Spearmint Ice Cubes Gum
Sweet/Savory Snack: Chocolate, Salt & Vinegar Nuts
Beverages: Chai, Tea, Smoothies
Dessert: Not Picky, but needs to be dairy free and GF if possible
Restaurants: Olive Garden, Vatos Tacos, Curry & Kabob
Starbucks order: Soy (no water) Chai or Medicine Ball
Stores: IntaJuice, Ziggy’s, Target, Amazon
Things I’d like for my classroom: Books on inventors or biographies, STEM/STEAM Centers/Books
*Prefer vegan*
*No Peanuts*