7th-8th Grade

“Learning should be motivating, engaging, personal and enjoyable. There is something very special about watching children learn, that moment when they ‘get it’. The opportunity to teach children and to invite God into every decision, every subject and every part of their life is an honor and a privilege There is no higher calling than to share the love of Jesus through education with our children. They are the treasures we can take with us to Heaven.”
Carey Jordan, 7-8 Teacher

In 7th and 8th Grade we:
Develop a Personal Relationship with Jesus
Go Friday – Literature Evangelism
Launch Into Teen Years – To listen to God’s Voice, build character and develop healthy relationships
Science Labs – worm, perch, fetal pig dissections
Washington DC History Trip – even years
Mission Trip – odd years
Outdoor Education
14ner Hike – 1 each fall, a rotation; Torreys Peak, Greys Peak, Bierstadt Peak, Quandary Peak, Sherman Peak
Salvation Army Bell (Handbell) Ringer
Music Festival – District Wide
Lego Robotics – STEM Education

School Supplies:
$35 School Supply fee, applied to your first month billing
Water bottle – NOT glass
Lunch box
Papermate sharp writer mechanical pencils