3rd-4th Grade

“I chose to become an educator because I love school. A whole new world opens every time I learn something new and I will chase that feeling of discovery all of my life. Education has also enabled me to adapt to new situations, handle difficulties, and face the uncertainties of life with confidence. As a teacher I want this for each of my students. The development of the whole person is my goal as an educator and my passion as a teacher. Every child has the need to explore and discover new things about their world, themselves, and their relationship with God. It is my desire that my students would feel confident in their God-given abilities to tackle challenges. The willingness to try new things can be cultivated by knowing who they are in Christ. A relationship with Him is the best way to grow academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.”
Dawnmarie Simmons, 3-4 Teacher

Things to look forward to in 3rd-4th grade:
Hands-on Science Experiments
Cursive Writing
Multiplication and Division Facts
Using the iPad and Keyboard
Campus Campout
Dictionary Skills
Go Friday
Morning Meetings
Skits and Drama Activities
Grandparents’ Day
Weekly Book Reports
Just wait until you get to 3rd-4th grade PE!

School Supplies:
$35 School Supply fee, applied to your first month billing
Water bottle – NOT glass
Lunch box
Headphones (something similar, not earbuds)
Ticonderoga pencils