Partnering For Eternity (PFE)

Partnering For Eternity (PFE) is a scholarship program that seeks to provide students with opportunities to serve, ease senior isolation, and help with tuition assistance. This program was founded in 2006, inspired by a child who connected with an older adult, creating a lifelong friendship. We are currently partnered with 150+ Seventh-day Adventist schools across the United States who are receiving the rich blessings of PFE. We are excited to present you with the opportunity to opportunity to join the PFE family.

Student Participant Requirements
Commitment to visit a mentor once a week for one hour
Parent attendance with the student at each visit
Desire to serve, grow, and build a friendship with a mentor
Willingness to learn from a mentorship

How does it work?
Choose a mentor such as a church member, neighbor, or family friend (no relatives).
Visit this mentor for one hour, once a week.
Submit reflections about the visit online.
Receive tuition grant of $25 for each one-hour visit. The scholarship may cover up to a quarter of the student’s tuition when visits are faithfully completed.