Dawnmarie Simmons

3rd-4th Grade

Bible Verse: Isaiah 40: 28-3, Nehemiah 8:10
Color: Black and Earth tones
Sports Team: Florida Gators
Flower: Sunflowers, Cactus
Fruit/Veggie: Mango, Peach, Grapes, Broccoli
Scent: Fresh, Warm
Sweet/Savory Snack: Dark Chocolate with Nuts/ Lays Potato Chips
Candy/Gum: Cubed Gum
Dessert: Peach Vegan Yogurt, Chia Pudding
Beverages: Izze
Restaurants: Mod Pizza, Indian Food
Stores: Dollar Store, Amazon, Target
Things I’d like for my classroom: Pillows to sit on, lights for around the board, Smartboard
*Lactose intolerant*