Tuition 2017-2018

HMS Richards Adventist school strives to maintain affordable tuition that supports high-quality, well-rounded learning. Each year, we offer thousands of dollars in discounts and financial aid. Tuition rates are for 2017-2018 only and do not reflect any adjustments to be made for the 2018-2019 school year.

Monthly Full Tuition

Tuition is payable over 12 monthly (July-June) payments, except for preschool tuition, which bills over 10 months (Sept.-June).


  • $100 — Friday only
  • $300 — Tuesday and Thursday
  • $400 — Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • $500 — 5 full days

Grades K-8

  • $440 — Grades 1-4
  • $445 — Grades 5-8



  • $150 — Preschool registration (non-refundable)
  • July & August Tuition Payments = Grades K-8 registration (non-refundable)
  • $60 — per sport per year: volleyball, basketball and track (third sport is free)
  • $10 — Strings of the Rockies per month
  • $3.00 — Hot lunch per day (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
  • $1.50  — Pizza per slice (Monday only)



  • 5% — if you pay annual tuition in full
  • 2% — if you pay tuition per semester
  • 5% — 2nd child
  • 10% — 3rd+ child(ren)
  • $100 — Volunteer discount credited on the June 2018 bill, if you satisfy the volunteer time requirements
  • $50 per student — Early registration discount credited on the July bill when you complete online registration by May 18.
Prepaid tuition discount

Receive a prepaid tuition discount for payments made before, at the beginning of and at midterm. You must pay all past year balances and registration fees, to receive annual or per semester prepayment discounts.

Volunteer discount

To qualify for the volunteer discount, your family must volunteer for 10 hours each quarter for a total of 40 hours in the current school year (per student maximum discount is $100). You must record volunteer time in a logbook kept at the office. The school requires volunteer time for families receiving tuition assistance.

Other discounts

Our school provides other discounts, including tuition reductions for members of the campus church community. Please see the this tuition sheet for details.

Additional discounts are available. Please click here and scroll to page 11 of the School Handbook.

Download the 2017-2018 Tuition Sheet – Click Here

Financial Aid

Every year, HMS Richards Adventist School and its partners award thousands of dollars in tuition assistance to help more students attend. Please contact the school office for details on programs available.